Wedding Shower Gift Ideas!

These wedding shower gift ideas are unequivocally classic and traditional. Classic gifts such as these wedding picture frames are gifts that will never go out of style.

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transformation tuesday

Transformation Tuesday:
an easy centerpiece transformation!

So you just picked a lovely bouquet of flowers from your garden, now what? You stick them in a vase but it just isn’t working. Well we want to help you transform your fresh bouquet into a vibrant centerpiece. This week for transformation Tuesday we’re taking an average centerpiece and transforming it into a blooming beauty that you’ll love. It’s easy, and a wonderful way to showcase those gorgeous flowers.

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Decorating with Color Trends

The right colors can help brighten your mood and your lifestyle. Experimenting with new colors is not as daunting as it seems. Draw from trends for inspiration, just make sure not to go trend overboard when decorating your space. Infuse accents of trendy color into your personal style to revive your space and give you a fresh perspective.

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